About the 360°

This cluster integrates philosophical, scientific, and policy perspectives to highlight both the complexity of climate change and the many innovative ideas being developed to address it worldwide . We explore how scientific and technological development have combined with societal notions of the good life and public policy initiatives to promote the energy-intensive, growth-oriented consumer society. Examining how the advent of human-induced climate change has prompted new ways of thinking about quality of life, new technological approaches to energy supply, and new political solutions to problems of resource exploitation and environmental justice, students work toward an understanding of new solutions.

About the 360° Course Clusters

360° is an interdisciplinary experience that creates an opportunity to participate in a cluster of multiple courses connecting students and faculty in a single semester (or in some cases across contiguous semesters) to focus on common problems, themes, and experiences for the purposes of research and scholarship. Interdisciplinary and interactive, 360° builds on Bryn Mawr’s strong institutional history of learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom, placed within a rigorous academic framework. 360° participants hone their arguments and insights through writing and research, develop strategies for teamwork that push the limits of their talents and creativity, and work with professors and scholars to promote big-picture thinking. Travel associated with the 360° program is funded by Bryn Mawr College.

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